The texts that move through me are an expression of the processes I experience in life.

It feels like a true blessing to be an open channel, where I get the music on paper without “thinking”, but just BE-ing.

Geschaafde knieën - live en akoestisch
Geschaafde Knieën - Live
De Tijd - Live
Stoere Chick - Live
Dankzij Jou - Live
Nieuw Leven - Live

“Geschaafde Knieën Live en Akoestisch”

Release: 19-08-2022

Kelsey Kluijtmans: Compositions, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Arno Guveau: Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Stijn Verhagen: Graphic design
Quintijn Maas: Documentary

Recorded at Welcome Home Thuishaven
Mixed and mastered in AGV Studio

Geschaafde knieën
Geschaafde Knieën
De Tijd
Nieuw Leven
Dankzij Jou
Stoere Chick

“Geschaafde Knieën”

Release: 02-04-2022

Kelsey Kluijtmans: Compositions, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar.
Arno Guveau: Production, Instrumentation, Mixing and Mastering.
Nienke Crijns: Backing Vocals
Len David: Slide/Guitar (Geschaafde Knieën, Niew Leven)
Marieke van Broekhoven: Photography
Stijn Verhagen: Graphic Design
Quintijn Maas: Documentary

Recorded and mixed at Trypoul Studios & AGV Studio
Mixed at Trypoul Studios
Mastered in AGV Studio